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Transformation EventB0050-027
Trade NameDHA canola
ApplicantNuseed Pty Ltd
Organism Common NamesCanola,
Oilseed rape,
Rape Seed
Organism Scientific NamesBrassica napus
Centre of Origin and DiversityBiology Consensus Doc on Brassica Crops
Food and Feed Safety IssuesCompositional considerations for Canola
Methods for safe handling
Additional Information
TraitsIncreased docosahexaenoic acid level,
Tolerance to herbicide
GenesLackl- delta 12D from yeast Lachancea kluyveri,
Micpu- delta 6D from microalga Micromonas pusilla,
pat from soil bacterium Streptomyces viridochromogenes,
Pavsa- delta 4D from microalga Pavlova salina,
Pavsa- delta 5D from microalga Pavlova salina,
Picpa- omega 3D from yeast Pichia pastoris,
Pyrco- delta 5E from microalga Pyramimonas cordata,
Pyrco- delta 6E from microalga Pyramimonas cordata

Date of approvalType of useAuthorityDecisionRisk assessmentMethods for detections-Reference materials
February 22, 2018FoodFood Standards Australia New ZealandAustralia Gazette - 22Feb2018A1143
February 13, 2018Comm release unconf plantOffice of the Gene Technology RegulatorDIR 155

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