BioTrack Product Database

  1. The Information contained in this database is provided to the OECD on a voluntary basis both by authorities in OECD Member/non-Member countries and by certain institutions that developed these products or are developing products. The information was not necessarily developed for the purposes of this database. It should be emphasized that not all countries or authorities within a country regulate the same products or articles or present the data related to them in similar ways.

  2. This database is not intended to be comprehensive for the products of Modern Biotechnology nor does it imply that items listed therein have been commercialised. Rather it is intended as an aid to the sharing of information about certain products or articles being approved for potential commercialisation.

  3. While the OECD, authorities in Member Countries, and relevant institutions have made very effort to provide correct information, the correctness of the information in this database cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the items in this database are not intended to represent a complete listing of all products derived using Modern Biotechnology that have been commercialised.

  4. The OECD is charged with the collection and presentation of the data contained herein. The OECD would greatly appreciate if errors/omissions could be pointed out, so that appropriate measures may be taken to correct them.

  5. Any other comments on the utility of this Database would be greatly appreciated.